…. 78 days later!

Aprilia Caponord ETV1000 Rally-Raid frame number 75Time certainly has flown since the first post, so here’s a little update. The frame is now at home and all spruced up after a good degrease and jet wash. All the threads have been checked and I can say the frame looks good to go. 😀

So a little history to start with. The bike was put on the road on the 1st of July 2003 by Kawasaki Newcastle and appears to have been the personal company bike of the business owner. He had it for about 10 months and five thousand miles. Then it went north of the border to Edinburgh for a few years, probably being sold-on in 2010 or 11. During that time it added another ten thousand miles to the odometer. After that the paper trail ends until September 2015 when Sandy Bloy Motorcycles took the bike in … now with 19,230 miles on the clock and looking a little worse for wear. The owner took it under his wing and gave it a tidy-up, a fresh MOT and road-tax and put a few miles on it. Sadly, by October the motor was making expensive noises and so, rather than sell a sick bike or waste further money repairing it, the decision was taken to strip it and sell it for parts. This where I came in!

Mid-November the frame arrived in Oxford, very well packed and with an envelope containing all the original paperwork and receipts for the bike, even the number plate was in the box! From here it was loaded up and transported to Italy in early December and although I had all the relevant documents, I was nervous that border security (especially Switzerland) might be a problem. In the end no one batted an eyelid and we sailed through Europe without any trouble at all. It felt great to unload it into the barn next to FX53 ….. here at last were TWO Rally-Raids together and a whole new chapter in owning them!

Aprilia Caponord ETV1000 Rally-Raid rear suspensionSo what’s next? Well I’m knocking up a stand out of wood to hold the frame at the right angle/height to work on comfortably ….. until it can stand on its own two wheels anyway! While it’s uncluttered by other parts, I’ve started to model it in Solidworks and mate parts of the model to existing CAD parts – side-stand, rear suspension etc. Manuel from Motrag is very generously donating a bunch of parts left over from his recent rebuild of a second Raid and they’ll arrive in January/February sometime. Meanwhile, I’ll go through the parts I have squirreled away to see what’s usable. That should keep me busy for a while!

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Day 1….

Aprilia Caponord ETV1000 Rally-Raid chassis/frame number 75Welcome each and every one of you, those who came across the site by accident and those who know me from my main website … moto-abruzzo. Here it is then, newly loaded and as fresh as a daisy … ETV1000.eu … a permanent home for the trials and tribulations of rebuilding and restoring a UK Aprilia Caponord Rally-Raid ETV1000 to the Queens highways.

Late in the afternoon of the 9th October 2015, chassis number 75 was purchased from Sandy Bloy motorcycles in Perthshire. The bike wasn’t accident damaged, it was stripped because the owner was unhappy with the rattle in the engine, so the frame is fine and came with its V5 registration document.

The plan is to steadily get the Raid-specific parts together, then hunt down a reasonably priced 04-on Capo, possibly  with ABS – general condition and mileage unimportant as everything will be refurbished before going on the Raid chassis. That’s the general idea anyway! Here I’ll attempt to document the whole thing step by step, both positive and negative. I’m not in a hurry, so don’t expect weekly updates, this is most definitely going to be a long-term project!

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